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Massimo Mariani, Architect and Engineer with a University Degree in both, is freelance. Professor of Structural Problems of Historical and Monumental Buildings, Master Programme, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Perugia.

Member of the Executive Board of the Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri, in charge of the sector “Culture”, and Member of Board of the Scuola Superiore Ingegneri (Engineers’ Higher School), President of ECCE – European Council of Civil Engineers.

Member of the Technical-Scientific Committee for Earthquake incentral Italy for the Extraordinary Commissioner for Reconstruction

Professor Mariani is invited to hold seminars, lectures, or short programmes (here below some examples):

From the Universities of Italy:

  • Consolidation and Restoration of Masonry Buildings both from the engineering and architectural point of views;
  • Diagnosis and Safety of Masonry Buildings, with particular reference to the new seismic code;

from the Ordine degli Ingegneri (Order of Engineers) or from the Ordine degli Architetti (Order of Architects) for the update of their Members, generally relevant to:

  • Seismic classification, vulnerability of buildings and standards for construction in seismic areas;
  • Seismic adaptation;
  • Securing and strengthening of masonry buildings: considerations and analysis of technical interventions.


He is owner of the Studio for Applied Research in Perugia.
He studied Philosophy at the University of Perugia
He is Knight of the Order “for services to the italian Republic”