"Consolidation and restoration of masonry structures" (in italian)


Course developed and held for DEI - Tipografia del Genio Civile

METHOD ': online
Duration (Typical Learning Time): 4 h
CFP: 4 engineers
CERTIFICATES: Certificate of attendance

The course is aimed at professionals interested in the technical and scientific issues of buildings restoration and consolidation.
The course, supported by numerous geotechnics examples concerning the most recurrent cases foundation lacks and instability of buildings, addresses:
- Opportune geological surveys
- hydrogeological instability and instability of foundations
- Soil consolitation techniques
- Interventions on foundations
- Technical solutions with bulkheads and tie rods for soils and rocks
- Interventions for the inhibition of soil's pushes through the usage of boxes made by reinforced concrete - masonry.

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INGENIO & MASSIMO MARIANI - The design comes from the knowledge of the damage of the earthquake: a journey to the places of the largest earthquakes

The design comes from the knowledge of the damage of the earthquake: a journey to the places of the largest earthquakes

"Our Consolidation of Engineering and Restoration of buildings should move away from modeling evanescent walls of systems whose behavior can approach more to the laws of" chaos "and the '" unpredictability "that the static and dynamic: It must continue empiricism and science between them in unison.
We must go back to being aware of our scientific knowledge, especially to disseminate the art and crafts of our discipline, providing young colleagues and those who want to deepen their knowledge indispensable tools for a careful reading of the origins and the crack pattern of structural system, as well as its "state of disintegration" due to the "memory of the damage" accumulated previous earthquakes.
We should return to the practice of "literacy" structures, interpret needs and conditions, and then to use analytical tests and the most appropriate intervention techniques, while respecting the right of where you work. "

Massimo Mariani, director of the National Council of Engineers

The design comes from the knowledge of the damage of the earthquake
The words of Massimo Mariani led us to organize this long journey through the places of the main Italian seismic events of the last 110 years. A journey in which to meet colleagues who handed down the story or experience they have known the damage of the earthquake.
And it will be Massimo Mariani, director National CNI, to keep the key lection at every stage, right to engage a discussion and an exchange of experiences and ideas that will allow us, at the end of the trip, to be able to write a story useful to all those who deal with these issues.
11 comparison events, Updating information in the cities of the Italian earthquakes in which to meet the technical.
11 stages, for which we have requested the professional credits for engineers, with free access.
11 meetings with companies specializing in seismic areas, to learn about new solutions and case studies
The program of events was sponsored by the CNI
Every stage from right to 4 credits for training engineers and access is free thanks to the support given by some companies in the sector. Due to space problems you must pre-register.

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AVELLINO - The earthquake engineering must reverse the damage that a structure has been in previous earthquakes

NAPLES - Earthquake Resilience: ductility is a feature not unlimited

MESSINA - The shock of the earthquake is not regular, but a fractal of complex shock

PALERMO - An element must have an identity and a physical dignity to be molded

Ing. Arch. Massimo Mariani - Interpretation of the damages of the earthquake in place. hysteresis phenomena and the damage in the masonry memory. Introduced by Andrea Pancani, Deputy Director of TgLa7.

Analysis of earthquakes in place and the past: fatigue phenomena and hysteresis
the wall structures. Proper evaluation of the damage for appropriate interventions.

Avellino 14/06/2017

Intervention held within the technical seminar "Consolidation, structural reinforcement and retrofitting with new green technologies through frp FRCM systems: materials, university research and case studies."

Event organized by by Vemati srl

Sismabonus - An opportunity for prevention.

Sassuolo (MO) May 8, 2017

Promoted by 'Order of Engineers of the Province of Modena under the patronage of City of Sassuolo.


Seminar held on 04.20.2017 at the Order of Engineers of Novara

Event organized by the Order of Engineers of Novara

The Italian school. Interpretation of structural instability

Workshop L'Aquila - Meetings of International Restoration and Redevelopment - L'Aquila 24-26 May 2016

Auditorium of L'Aquila Park

Promosso ance of Abruzzo CARSA s.r.l.